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Our Kindergarten in Estoril is a German school for children all over the world.

For children of this age, the learning environment is decisive – they must feel accepted and cherished in order to explore and develop their abilities.

The close-knit setting of the Estoril Campus and its strong sense of community allow for just that. Our children learn in an atmosphere in which parents are always welcome and everyone knows each other. At the same time, the school benefits from the direct connection to the German School of Lisbon, a 170 year old international school with a reputation for excellence.

Towards the end of the Primary School, children join their colleagues on the Lisbon campus, where they can go on to obtain the German International Abitur, one of the most recognised Secondary School dimplomas worldwide.

Our goals

  • Social skills
    Social skills learned within the group.
  • Movement and creativity
    In our Kindergarten, we use games, movement, arts and crafts to train the children’s motivation, creativity and concentration.
  • Autonomy
    We place a high value on autonomy and on learning practival life skills.
  • Perception
    We are strong believers in direct experience and thus give children the opportunity of experiencing their bodies and the physical reality around them, thus training their senses. A child who has learned through practical experience will understand and apply that knowledge in its daily life.
  • Cognitive skills
    We believe that promoting good work habits, perseverance and concentration will advance the development of the children’s cognitive skills and strengthen their self-esteem.
  • Project work
  • Gymnastics
  • Music
  • School Trips
  • Forest Day (once a month)
  • Library (once a week)
  • Instrument lessons (piano, violin, guitar, ukulele)
  • Creative Dance
  • Karate
  • Qi Gong

Learning German and developing the child’s language skills in general are a constant priority throughout the kindergarten years. The children learn German naturally through immersion, while playing, partaking in group activities or performing simple daily tasks.

  • Elefant Kindergarten Lissabon Deutsche SchuleThe German language
    The pleasure of communication and oral expression
  • Mathematics
    Fostering inquisitive and curious children
  • Sports
    Movement and perception
  • Proximity of nature and the world around us
  • Knowledge of the world
    Cognitive skills
  • Arts and musics

Structure of the Kindergarten

The Kindergarten Estoril offers a flexible full-day programme.

Kindergarten: 3-4 years (2 groups)  |  Pre-School: 5-6 years (1 group)

8.00am- 8.15am Early arrival service
8.15am – 5.00pm  Core hours
5.00pm – 6.30pm* After school care

Impressions of the Campus Estoril

Testimonials from current parents

The German School in Estoril provides an outstanding learning environment: it has excellent staff, a great
pedagogic approach, and an atmosphere of trust and familiarity between teachers, parents, and children.
Emphasis is put on developing autonomous, responsible children that will have successful school careers – while
having fun, discovering nature, fostering creativity. Last but not least: learning the German language will greatly
enlarge the children’s opportunities in Portugal and abroad
.“ (Parents of Ricardo, António, Clara and Filipe)

We were looking for an international school promoting autonomy, responsibility and experience learning where the local language was also promoted. At the Deutsche Schule in Estoril, in a multi-culutral and familiar environment, we’ve seen our daugther intellectually strongly develop and socially happily thrive“ (Parents of Sara)

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R. Dr. António Martins 26, 2765-194 Estoril, Portugal

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