US presidential election 2020 – expert interview with Prof. McCoskey, MD

In recent weeks we talked about the electoral system and the 2020 United States Presidential Elections in our English class. We watched the election and its tensions unfold and they brought up many questions especially taking into account that as Europeans we don’t have the same insights as people living in the USA. Therefore our English teacher Mrs. Scheytt invited an old friend of hers who (via Teams) took the time to talk to our form (12B) and to answer all of our questions during two of our lessons. Prof. Dr. Suzanne McCoskey is an economist and teaches and researches on economic development and comparative economic systems at Frostburg University in Maryland (USA).

We had the opportunity to talk with her right after the election, before Joe Biden was projected elected president, and a week later. In these two lessons she answered our questions regarding the elections with outstanding insight and clarity. Questions such as:  Why does it take so long for all the votes to be counted?  How do the electoral votes work? Can electors be faithless? Why does the USA have a two-party-system only? What happens if Donald Trump does not concede? How was the election influenced by the Corona-Virus?

Prof. McCoskey’s political and economic knowledge helped us to better understand the actual circumstances. She supported her explanations with a large amount of data, statistics, and background information. Combined with her communication and teaching skills this enabled us to get a profound understanding of the situation in the US at the moment.

We as students enjoyed the experience talking to an expert.  “A unique and priceless insight into the US-Elections”, one student said. Another added: “A once (or twice luckily) in a lifetime opportunity to see the elections from the perspective of a well-informed and well-read American. It was particularly interesting to hear her opinion on the economic side of the presidency.”

Two lessons we will remember. Thank you, Prof. McCoskey!

Frederico Saragga (Year 12)


Publicado em 02 Dez 2020